Sunday, October 18, 2009

Much Better...

I'm doing much better than I was a couple of days ago! 

My car should be done soon! I'll be glad when I don't have to drive a stick anymore. I still don't like driving it, but I'm glad I learned. 

I got to go out with some girlfriends on Friday. They came and picked me up! I was so happy to be out and have a couple drinks with friends. It was just what I needed. I'm also glad I didn't have to be the designated driver! Ha ha. We went to this small bar in our town that is attached to the bowling alley. We felt out of place because everyone was at least 20-30 years older than us. We still danced, and had fun though! 

Work was alright this weekend! 32 hours never really passes by that quickly when you're at work. I finished decorating for Halloween which kept me busy.

I'm feeling less insecure, and negative which is awesome. I can't stand to be in a negative state of mind. It is such a waste of energy, but sometimes my mind just won't quit!  

I'm looking forward to spending some quality time with my boyfriend this week! It's been a while since we've had any time to just well... I guess be lazy! We've both been so busy. Lately, whenever we've gotten together we've had studying to do, or some type of errand to run. I always feel better when I get to see him though because no matter what we have going on we have fun. It's so nice to be with somebody that you can just sit on the couch with, watch t.v., and have an awesome night. I'm so lucky, and so happy that we signed up for the same class last semester! Ha ha.

Well, it's 2 in the morning... I should sleep! I've got mandatory training for work in Plainfield tomorrow  at 4 PM. Then, I have school in Lawrence at 7 PM! After class, I have to drive back to Plainfield for work from 11 PM to 7 AM. I'll get to see my boyfriend in between class, and work though so that alone will make my day! 

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